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August 11, 2017

At the start of your building process, I promise, you will without a doubt, for sure, bet your (future) house on it- make your new best friend forever (*conditions apply).


This special person will come in to your life, laugh at everything you say, agree with every single thing you do and bask in your general amazing-ness. 



Then you will hand over your cold, hard, moolah (card/bank cheque/direct transfer also accepted) and you will lose said BFF quicker than they can say- "give me a call when you want to build your SECOND house!!"


We had a very good sales consultant throughout our initial discussions with our builder. There are however, a few golden rules when it comes to talking to sales consultants that are absolutely vital so you can avoid that feeling of leaving more confused than when you arrived.


Rule 1: Accept that a sales consultant will act like your best friend- go with it but don't get sucked in by it. It's very easy to think that the sales consultant cares about your needs above anything else. As lovely a thought as that is, its not realistic. At the end of the day, their job is to sell house designs and your job is to do things the way that works best for you.


Rule 2: Go at your own pace. A sales consultant will always lead in with a 'deadline'. This is usually in the form of a promotion ending or the base price of the house rising. Unless it's a deal which works perfectly for you and the timing is on point, then don't let them pressure you in to handing over any money.


Rule 3: Get it in writing! In your talks with a building consultant, make them believe that you have an intense fear of speaking on the phone. If they call- email them back. When they make a joke about how you much prefer email over verbal communication (this actually happened), nod and REPLY TO THEM IN EMAIL.



Writing notes during meetings and having an email trail will save tonnes of confusion given all the info you will be processing- especially if you're doing this building thing with another special someone. It will also hold the company accountable, if they told you something early on in the process, they will have to stick to it when it comes to getting your money :)


Rule 4: Probably the most important of them all, know the basic terminology and ask the right questions. This will make them aware right from the start (a) you're serious and mean business and (b) you can't be messed with because you know your stuff! 


At the end of the day, we all have a job to do and sales consultants do a damn good at it. Building a house is such a huge deal, the last thing you want is to feel out of control or pressured in to making a decision- especially when the cold hard moolah is involved.


Happy building!





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