A Tender Appointment- It's not what you think.

September 11, 2017

There comes a time in every build where things get, well, a little bit tender.


Steve and I had our tender appointment last Friday! I was just as excited as I was sick. On one of the very few, SUPER important meetings where we discover how we are spending thousands upon thousands of our* (the banks) cold hard moolah, I was feeling like death. I was feeling so unwell that on the way to our appointment, I turned to Steve and meekly said "you'll have to lead the way on this...I barely have the brain capacity of someone drinking a Slurpee with a serious case of brain freeze". But alas! I pulled my shit together, swore that these fancy building people would never even know I was sick and I would pull through like I have never pulled through before.




I hear you asking- what in the name of all things concrete is a tender appointment?! Brilliant question sir/madame. A tender appointment is where you go through all the structural elements of the house and finalise them. We had all the external and internal plans shown to us, everything from the facade to the kitchen and bathroom cabinet layouts. We also went through all of the electrical plans- making sure downlights, heating and air-conditioning vents and power points were all in the right place.


A few of the main changes we made were:

- Power points, power points, power points: First thing to consider is that building companies will be super skimpy, resulting in us having to add an extra powerpoint to almost every room. We have added new points to the kitchen, pantry, bedrooms, rumpus room and alfresco area. They're relatively cheap to add ($60 each) and will be a lifesaver in the long run.


- Extra doors: Anyone who has ever ventured in to a display home will have noticed that whoever they had in mind to live there eventually would have to be verrrryyyy open people. There are barely any doors anywhere. We have added doors to the ensuite, pantry and separating the living area from the back bedrooms.


- Let there be light: We added larger doors to the alfresco and a glass window splash back to the kitchen so we could have as much natural light as possible.


The biggest things we learnt:

- If you want to change the fit-out for the kitchen then do it at this appointment! I'm so glad I asked at the time because I assumed I could change the kitchen doors to drawers at the colour appointment (watch this space, we have THAT appointment tomorrow). Same goes for the vanity in the bathroom- all sorted at this appointment.


Next up was our Colour Appointment (aka the best day of my life). For hours on end, we got to go through an entire showroom of options for flooring/brick colour/ovens/cupboard colours AND MORE!! Stay tuned :)



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