Colours Appointment: Bricks and Carpet and Sinks, Oh My!!

September 20, 2017

Our Colours Appointment (aka THE GREATEST DAY EVER) has officially come and gone.


So much research, so many hours of meticulously going through photo after photo of different brick colours, ovens, sinks, window frame colours etc all lead up to this one appointment. This one moment which would dictate whether our future house got either rave reviews or the classic "oh thats unique! I've never seen those colours together before..."



I really felt like Eminems "Lose yourself" was playing over and over in my head. You've got one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you've ever wanted. OH THE PRESSURE. 


Anyway... as we all know now that I am a researcher, I came more than prepared to make the magic decisions which will make our house look like it should be in The Block for a fraction of the price.


So how did it work? We had our very own super special 'Colour Consultant' who took us through the showroom. In the showroom, they had everything from bricks to roof options, door handles to shower heads. We started with the outside of the house and worked our way in.




There are the 'standard' inclusions which are no extra cost (ugly enough for Shaynna Blaze to death stare you in to oblivion) and shiny, pretty and usually waayyy more expensive 'upgrade' options to choose from. Our builder actually had some pretty good standard inclusions but it is very clear they are wanting you to spend more moolah for better quality options.




The main areas where we upgraded were:

  • Changing the roof from tiled to Colorbond steel because (a) we love the sound of rain and (b) it will last longer than tiles will- $4500

  • Changing all internal doors from hollow to solid - $2600

  • Added a fly-screen to the alfresco door- $800

  • Upgraded the timber floors because the 'standard' options were...ahem...pretty standard.

  • Upgraded the carpet because (a) the standard was noticeably cheap (b) instead of having a 5 year warranty with standard, our new carpet gives is 15 years (c) Its hypoallergenic which for a family of asthmatics, will come in mightily handy - $3000

My best friend (apart from Steve) in this process came in the form of an iPad. In the weeks (months) leading up to our appointment, I collated a heap of different photos which has different aspects we wanted to achieve in our own house. This came in really handy during the appointment, as we were able to show our Colour Consultant the look we wanted to achieve. 



The most difficult part of the whole experience is knowing that we won't actually get to see this come to life for a whole 12 months!! That means 12 months of me turning to Steve, asking if it was the correct decision to go with natural mortar compared to off white (yes, this has already happened). When our contact signing appointment is finished I'll put up all details of the build along with the drawings.


We have also had our tiles appointment which, for the record, was the most underwhelming experience of my entire life. The woman who helped us* (overstatement of the century) could not have cared less. But alas! We weren't overly bothered because we were just excited to have everything come together.



 So next up is the contract signing followed very quickly with handing over many many moolah's. Ahh the feeling of being poor will be very real very soon, just need to keep in mind what the future holds!


After the contract signing i'll be putting up all the finalised plans so stay tuned!






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