Contract Appointment: Measure Twice, Sign Once

October 26, 2017

Huddle around kids, this is the wondrous tale of the momentous occasion where we signed our building contract.


This was the appointment where we signed away (over...and over...and over again) to approve our house plans and building contract. 


To begin, lets take a trip down memory lane to a time none of us want to return to- year 12 final exams. Remember sitting there at the 2 hour mark, feeling like your hand was on fire because you have written 1 million words (literally) without stopping? Remember the burrrnnn and subsequent hand flapping that comes with WILLING your hand to just write a few more words? Yeah, that feeling would sum up our contract appointment. Steve and I practically stumbled out of that appointment with altered sensation in our left and right hands respectively (yes, Steve is one of those peculiar left handed people).


What actually happened?

We met with our lovely building supervisor who will officially become my best friend when the build starts (she doesn't know this yet- lucky her). We then proceeded to go through practically every inch of the contract- all 103 pages- which included the standard HIA building contract (included in all residential builds regardless of your builder), all plans, changes to plans and everything we selected in our colour selection appointment. Then the signing started. We signed every page, front and back, of the contract. Then, before we could say "my hand will not survive initialling one more page" ANOTHER COPY was given to us to sign all over again. 


After signing, we then paid the remainder of moolah which was due (5% of the total build cost) and walked out much poorer, with serious cases of RSI in our hands.


What are the important things to know?

This was our final appointment in the process- meaning that when we signed on the dotted line, we set-in-stone everything from the floor plan to where power points would be located (*unless we want to pay our builder a mere $1000 in cold hard moolah). So to save yourself the drama, make sure everything with the plans is a-okay before the appointment was essential. 


We went through the plans the night before, to make sure we were happy with everything. It was at this time that I noticed something odd- something a bit strange, a bit unusual. Stay tuned because I'll write a post on this very soon. During the appointment, you will be asked many times if you are SURE you're comfortable with all the plans.


One thing I put no thought into was how I would get the moolah to the builder (oops!). Our builder takes direct transfers to their bank account BUT I didn't consider the small fact that a daily transfer limit (usually $1000, $5000 or $10000 depending on the bank) exists. Luckily, our builder allowed us to complete the payment over two days but I really should've increased the limit before going to the appointment.


So what are we actually building?

Click here to see our building plans



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