The waiting game- told with an avo

December 3, 2017

I have decided that this whole building experience-thing is JUST like growing an avocado tree.



Why you ask? Because it takes foorrrreeevvvvveeerrrrrr but the result is freaking amazing.


For those who aren't lucky enough to have experienced the unbridled joy of trying (key word) to grow an avocado tree, the whole process starts with the seed of an avocado and takes 8-10 years before a single avocado is grown. In a world consumed with immediate gratification I commend the 'long-game' view. What I don't commend, is Steve using up to 3 drinking glasses at a time, each with an avocado seed in the attempt to sprout one (and start the 10 year process). We are up to 6 attempts. I want my glasses back please.


Can you tell I'm struggling? Can you tell I ache inside whenever someone asks "how is the build going?", only to say- "Oh, funny you should ask because it's not even starting until next September" with a smile on my face while I die inside of impatience and a slight touch of uneasiness.


The reason why we aren't starting for what feels like an eternity is pretty simple- we both want to be working full-time when we are paying a full mortgage. Steve has 11 more months of student life so by the time we are in our house, we will both be working and very much done with the university world.


The uneasiness stems from the day we completed our colours appointment. At that appointment, we effectively locked-in all of the interior and exterior colours and fit-out for the entire house. This occurred in September, therefore the decisions we have made this year, won't start to come to life until approximately February 2019. For those playing at home, thats approximately 525 days (and infinite moments) to question if this object you have literally spent thousands and thousands of dollars on, will look the way you want it to.


These are just a few things that have crossed my mind in the last 3 months:

- "Did we do the right thing not paying to upgrade the mortar colour (the thing that holds bricks together) from the standard concrete colour to Off-white or Cream"- I literally asked this the night of our appointment- Steve said nothing and just shook his head.

- "Is the white we picked for the walls the right white and will it be a warm white or will it have a green/blue hue?!"

- "Did we do the right thing going for dark blinds rather than light?"

- "Should we have gone for a larger tile?"

- "Should we have upgraded the window size of the back bedrooms?"

- "I am definitely a walking, talking first-world-problems cliche of a human being..."


The list goes on and on. 


So as Steve continues the quest to grow his own avocado tree, I need to keep reminding myself that as long as this whole build process takes, at least we're not looking at an 8-10 year period before this project bears fruit.


In the mean time, we'll keep buying our avo's from Coles and I'll keep daydreaming about the distant future when this will be our exciting reality.



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