Build mistake #1

March 1, 2018

An oversight in our design stage came very close to being disastrous (definitely not an exaggeration) for our house.


Let our near miss become a lesson to you all.


Picture this. Walking through the display home, when you come across the second living area (aka rumpus) northern light is streaming through a large window, doing a great job of lighting not only the room itself but the kitchen and living area which sits next to it. You think to yourself, that window is awesome- I simply must have that exact size window when we build our house!


Fast forward to 20 minutes later when we first spoke to the sales consultant. I asked him what was ‘standard’ and what aspects of the house were ‘upgraded’. While sitting at that very big desk of his, he spoke about the butlers pantry, the extra bench thingy on the kitchen island (it was ugly anyway so very happy not to pay an extra $3k for that) and about 10 other things. I completed a mental checklist, noting that the awesome big window in the rumpus room was not noted- wahoo I said to myself, while completing a nerdy success dance in my head. 


Next came the tender appointment, this is where all the structural changes are finalised. There was no mention of the window sizes and since it wasn't discussed as an upgrade with the sales consultant, I didn't even think to clarify that that big window was included.


Finally, we were sent preliminary drawings and the night before our contract appointment, I noticed something. It was only when looking at the external drawings, I noticed a tiny (slight exaggeration) window where our beautiful big one should have been. Shock, horror and confusion ensued- SURELY the sales consultant didn't miss that crucial piece of information. Turns out, the sales consultant missed that crucial piece of information.


Luckily, when we explained the situation to our building coordinator, she waived the fee ($500) to make a change to the plans- only because I specifically said we had spoken to the sales consultant about upgrades used in the display. 


Tips for all other lovely people building a house:

  • I would ask the sales consultant to walk through the display home- pointing out the upgrades and standard options as you walk through- you’ll be much less likely to miss anything.

  • Don’t trust what the sales consultant says. Take a list of the really important aspects of the design to your tender appointment so you don't risk paying a big fee to change anything ($500 after tender and $1000 after contract signing).

  • Check, check again and then when you're really sick of looking at the same god damn piece of paper, check all the details again!!

In the grand scheme of things it seems like such a small issue but I really think it would have made a big difference either on our pocket (to change after contract would have cost us over $1100) or the feel of the main and second living area.


Hope this helps, happy building :)




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