Where are we building?

May 29, 2018

Time to get excited guys, we are going to be having many a beverage in Beveridge.


I'm super pumped to be writing a post about exactly where we will be building this house of ours.


When we first started looking for our land, we knew we wanted to stick to the northern corridor of Melbourne. Why you ask? I'll let this graphic which I hopelessly spent 45 minutes constructing (not joking) do the talking.



We are building our house in Mandalay estate which sits on the western side of Beveridge. We never even knew that Mandalay existed until we were told about it by a sales consultant from our builder- *bless his cotton socks*. 


For those who don't know, Steve has quite the penchant for golf. So you can imagine, he is particularly chuffed because not only can he enjoy a cheeky #bevinbev, he can do so while playing on a golf course which almost on our front door (to be exact, the 6th tee is about 35 metres away). 


Mandalay is an estate which has a golf-course weaving throughout the houses. Steve loves this for obvious reasons but I love this because it means that practically half of the entire estate is open space/parkland.


But wait, there's more. I'm in love with where we will be living because:

  • It's 50 minutes from the city but feels so much like the country.

  • There is a gym, 25m swimming pool and tennis courts- all covered by body corporate fees (first 2 years we don't have body corp.).

  • The air is fresher than anywhere I have lived before.

  • We will be 10 minutes drive from a winery which is opening this month.

  • A kindergarten and Maternal Child Health Centre is currently being built.

  • The state government has just provided funding for a primary school due to open in 2020.

  • There is a restaurant, cafe and bar (#bevinbev).

  • The estate has wide roads that don't have houses crammed in to small blocks.

  • There will be a park at the end of our street.

  • There are walking tracks around the golf course.

  • It already feels like home and all we have there is dirt!


As if that wasn't enough, the real kicker was when we found out that Beveridge is classed as "rural and remote" which meant that we receive a $20k first home owners grant. If we had bought land one freeway exit (or 5 minutes) closer to Melbourne, that would have been halved to $10k. 


Above all else, what I am so happy about is that every time we go to Beveridge, I feel like it's exactly where we should be.


I have never had that lingering doubt- and for someone who always goes with their gut instinct, this has been an amazing feeling.


With council applications underway, bring on the next few months in the lead up to our build starting in (*hopefully) September!


Until next time, happy building :)





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