Being a woman and building a house don't mix.

June 21, 2018

Building a house is stressful, difficult and at times, one big headache. At least that is what I have been told by anyone who has gone through the process before.



I have to say, maybe I’m speaking very prematurely considering we currently have a patch of dirt where the house should be but I’m still waiting for the headache to start. 


You know what it has been though? Mind-numbingly frustrating.


The building and banking industry are stuck in the 1950’s and I doubt they're leaving their misogynistic cubby house any time soon.


Day one, we walked in to a display home. I had researched the builders inclusions. I knew the right questions to ask the sales consultant so we could get an idea of the actual price of the build. I knew the different classes of slab required for the area we wanted to build in. Steve, bless his sole, was invested in knowing these things but hadn’t done the leg work. Yet who did the sales consultant direct the conversation to? To which person do you think the sales consultant faced? 


Many months later, when we went to our contract signing with the builder who do you think was listed as the 'Owner 1'? 


Today when we received the obligatory credit card which comes with a home loan, whose name do you think was on that card?


Every appointment I go to, I need to prove myself, prove my worth because of the simple fact that I have boobs. 


I do have to stress, this has not happened with everyone. Our mortgage broker treats the both of us completely equally which is both refreshing and an outlier. Another positive is that our conveyancer and our building coordinator are both women. This is fantastic because hopefully, these industries can be dragged in to a time when women are at least spoken to the same way as men are.


Considering we haven't started the build yet, I can only imagine what the future holds when we go to site inspections with the site supervisor. I hope more than anything that I am wrong. I would be thrilled if discussions were had with us rather than with him. Until that day comes, I will keep researching, knowing I will need to prove myself to yet another person in the industry that I deserve to be part of the conversation.


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