Banks really do suck.

July 15, 2018

Okay so I know this is not news to anyone who has ever had to ask any more of their bank than setting up your standard, very low interest “savings” account.


This is therefore, more of a rant/vent/wtf session than a "that-is-brand-new-information-I-cant-believe-I-didnt-know-that” post.


Let's explain this whole saga by drawing a parallel between the bank and that token infuriating university lecturer. 


You know, the one who is constantly reminding you of the due date for the super important, ‘your life depends on this' assignment. You’re diligent, you work hard and make sure you submit that SUPER important assignment within the time period- you even go above and beyond, submitting it earlier than the closing time. 


You then wait.


You think to yourself- surely this lecturer is organised. SURELY someone so demanding and insistent on how important this assignment is, would return the mark within a reasonable time frame. SURELY by the time exams are done, semester results are out, I WILL HAVE AN ANSWER.


Let’s now imagine you can't start your brand new shiny job until that super important assignment mark is returned so you contact the lecturer, say: “Dear (hypocrite) superior person to I, any updates about that super important assignment?”. They then ask you to change a sentence or two, make a couple of adjustments.


Another week goes by and the lecturer gets back to you- you OBVIOUSLY get excited, thinking this is finally the moment you can start your new, very shiny job which you have been waiting years for (quite literally now). THEN THEY ASK YOU TO SUBMIT THE ENTIRE THING ALL OVER AGAIN.


Cue Rage. 




So on Friday the 13th (trust), we were told that our First Home Owners Grant form needed to be submitted again- over a month since we sent the original one in. We were hoping to start the build this month but now, my fingers are crossed for August.


Oh yes, banks really do suck.



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