Week 3: Pro- we have (half) a slab. Con- moving sucks.

August 24, 2018

Okay so this week has been a big one. 


In order to save more money and also because we just thrive on the stress and pain of moving house, we packed everryyything up and moved in with family until the build is finished.


I have moved a total of 12 times in my life now (all moves within a 30km radius :/ ) so I would like to think of myself as a unwilling pro when it comes to the whole thing. Firstly, I take my hat and socks off to all people who move house while pregnant and/or with small children. It is hell. There is no getting around it. The silver lining to the whole experience was that (a) unpacking is wayyy better than packing and (b) once we're in our house, I refuse to move again for 15 years.


Enough about the move, now on to a build update!


On Sunday we went on a drive out to the block to find we have an almost slab! 3 weeks after the fence went up, there was the layout for the slab, waiting patiently for concrete...



It does feel very surreal to see all of this happening. It is so exciting seeing the outline of our house and a little bizarre. One of the best aspects was the way the house sits on the block- there is a good amount of space either side (neither side of the house is directly on the boundary of our land).


I have to say, we have been super impressed with our builder- Granvue Homes- so far. Everything has gone very smoothly so far and communication has been brilliant with weekly updates for what is happening with the build. 


This week we finalised our building inspector. We have arranged for independent checks for each stage of our build (about 5 in total) so that it meets building standards given we have no idea how to speak the weird language that is construction. This is going to cost us about $1800 for all 5 stages howeverI think it will give us peace of mind that we will get the best quality finish.


This weekend we're back to have a look at the slab which is hopefully completed- exciting times ahead!




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