Week 4: We have a frame!

August 26, 2018

Well this was a gigantic surprise and easily the best day of the build yet.


Today we met some very good friends of ours at our block, bubbling with excitement given a few days ago, we had confirmation that our slab had been laid.


As we turned in to our street, our excitement quickly turned in to squealing like two 16 year old school girls (Steve was the loudest of the both of us) when we realised that not only was the slab completed, but most of the frame was as well. Cue the jumping up and down, with our friends cheering and clapping from their car.




Some of the best bits:

  • We have a slit window in our bedroom which will show us a glimpse of the golf course (even when the houses around us are built). This was a huge surprise and given we actually never wanted that window- design regulations required us to have it- we became very happy that Mandalay are sticklers for the rules.

  • Our alfresco space looks amazing and was being drenched in sunlight.

  • The height of the doors was fantastic- at 2.3m they are mightily big (a necessity when we both come from super tall families).

Best of all- this is all starting to feel real. It honestly felt in part like a fantastic dream. Having our friends there (who are about to begin their own build) made it all the more special.


We have been so happy with our builder- Granvue Homes- so far. The independent building inspectors report came back as all clear (the only comment was how the windows were being stored but they can be checked next inspection). Hopefully all the great progress and great quality continues!


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February 20, 2019

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