Week 5: Half a roof and no electricity.

September 2, 2018

Progress this week has continued to be both impressive and exciting.


The frame has been capped off by the roof trusses going on, then the installation of the gutters quickly followed. Our gutters are Monument Colorbond which will be the same colour as our roof (which fingers crossed should be started and finished this week).


This week hasn't been all smooth sailing though. On Monday, we received an email from Granvue saying that our electricity supply wasn't working so a generator at a rate of $250 A DAY was required.

When I read this email, I took a deep breath in and turned to Steve who gave me a "you can control what you can control" look (bless his soul). Needless to say, now that this generator bill looks very similar to the price of a trip to Bali, I have contacted our estate manager today to get to the bottom of the issue (should've done that on Monday).


Back to our visit, here are my favourite things:

  • It looks like the doorways have been installed, giving us a great idea of the height of the ceiling and size of the doors.

  • The windows are in! My favourite windows (yes, I have favourite windows) would have to be (a) our bedroom window which will give a practically uninterrupted view of the sky due to its height on the wall (b) Our Rumpus room window which is huge and North facing (c) the Alfresco door/window combination which will hopefully provide a great aspect to outside.

  • The height of the Alfresco doors. These doors were originally going to be in line with the windows beside them (but therefore, shorter than all internal doorways). By bringing the height of the doors up, it will create a symmetry with the other internal doors and hopefully more connection between the indoor/outdoor space.

At this stage, there isn't anything that I would change however I'm sure that will change as the weeks go on. Loving every minute so far. 


On the agenda for this week is to get the roof on and complete the fascias.


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