Week 6 & 7: Roof on and bricks underway.

September 17, 2018

This build just keeps moving along rather nicely.


In the last two weeks, we have had the roof installed and the brick laying is now underway! We have chosen Colorbond Monument for our roof colour which I am in love with more now than I ever have been. I was initially a little bit worried that the roof would look too dark, especially since we’ll be having lighter bricks and a white render but it looks like a slate grey colour which shouldn’t be too overpowering for the rest of the facade.




On to the bricks- I saw them last week after they had been delivered to the block (but not installed yet) and had the biggest crisis of confidence for the whole build so far. They were nothing like I remembered picking (even though when I looked at the photo’s we took, they were EXACTLY like the ones in the showroom). For the last week, I’ve been the teeniest bit terrified that when the bricks go up, my estimations of my colour choosing abilities for the house would come crashing down. Steve was suitably unconcerned and told me to stop being ridiculous- which of course turned out the be great advice. 


So far, about a quarter of the bricks have been laid and they’re looking great. We’ve been told that brick laying will continue throughout this next week (and I’m assuming next week as well?!). Either way, if we can get the majority of the exterior finished by the end of the month then we’ll both be ecstatic (and naively crossing our fingers for a move-in date before Christmas).


In other news, we had our frame stage inspection from our independent inspector. On the whole, the report stated that the build was of generally a good quality however there were some small issues that needed to be rectified- mainly in providing more structural support to our windows. We sent the report straight through to our builder Granvue who sent us photos of everything corrected within 4 days. We’re super happy that we have an independent inspector but could not be more confident about our choice of builder- Granvue have been terrific so far.


Our electricity issue was sorted out relatively quickly and we ended up only being charged for 2 days. No idea what happened, let's just hope for the sake of our bank balance, that it doesn't become an issue again.



Favourite things from this week:

  • The proportion of the alfresco, with the higher ceilings and doors will really make an impact and a great feature once everything is finished

  • The amount of light in the central living space in the house will be great. Even on a cloudy day and without any walls, it looks like there will be a great amount of both direct natural sunlight and ambient lighting.

  • The fact that we didn’t pay $1100 to upgrade the mortar colour from ‘natural’ to ‘off white’. With our brick colour, I really think it would’ve been a waste of money.

  • The roof!! These photos do not do it justice at all, but the roof looks freaking fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. While upgrading to Colorbond (instead of tiles) ended up costing us about $4k, it was absolutely money well spent. It’s contemporary look and low maintenance in the future made it an easy choice.

Colour Choices:

  • Bricks- Beechwood (Settlers Range)by Austral Bricks

  • Roof and gutters- Monument by Colorbon

  • Window frames- Seamist by A&L


A quick shout-out to our amazing soon-to-be neighbours Lisa and Brendan who also take amazing photos of our house when they visit their build! Some of this weeks photos have come from them :)


Bring on more bricks then hopefully a move to the interior fit-out!


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February 20, 2019

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