Moodboard Inspo: Living Room

September 19, 2018

Being on annual leave from work has afforded me the opportunity to do three things:

  1. Sleep in.

  2. Watch endless episodes of Selling Houses Australia and various versions of Grand Designs.

  3. Start the super exciting process of planning for what we will put in to this house of ours.


My focus over the past week has been the main living area which will form part of the open plan living in the centre of the house. The room will also incorporate the dining and kitchen areas however I plan on doing seperate inspiration plans for these down the track.

I have been on the look-out for a range of different pieces of furniture which would suit the space. Below, I have collated some of my favourite pieces (and featured each individually below)- hope you don't think I have horrible style!! I used Houzz Sketch to put this moodboard together which has been very handy when it comes to matching different colours/tones.



Before going into specifics, I feel like I need to say that many of these items are way out of our budget without being on sale. There is no rush for this to happen at once, it will take time but for now, it's fun to dream (and bring on Christmas sales...).


On to the finer details...



This couch is from FocusOn Furniture which has foam inserts in the seats (as opposed to feather based inserts) and feels amazing. I had no idea that there were so many options for what went in to the seats- apparently feather inserts need to be fluffed every time (yes every time!) you sit on them. Ain't nobody got time for that so foam it is!

Focus on Furniture- Loft 5 seat modular $3999



The single chair is my favveeeee from Westelm which is currently a very expensive, unattainable price at $1300 (ahahahahaha no.) but its sooo pretty and actually (surprisingly) very comfortable which will really help when I try and convince Steve that we cannot live without it. My favourite feature is that it swivels, making it easy to position to speak with others on the couch, sitting at the dining table or in the kitchen- a must for whichever chair goes in that spot.


West elm- Roar + Rabbit Swivel Chair- $1299



In the picture above, it's very difficult to tell but the background is the tone of rug I am hoping to have in the area. The plan is for both the main living and dining area to have rugs so the spaces are easily defined. I'm hoping to have a lighter rug in the living area, then a darker tones rug for dining (for obvious, I always spill food/wine reasons).

 United Interiors- Alpine (Haze) starting at $799


Entertainment Unit

This one is definitely for the wish-list which realistically won't be possible for the first 2-3 years of living in our house. I'm a big fan of using timber throughout the house as it gives a warmth and natural element which cannot be replicated by other elements. This unit has been designed by a Bendigo based company who I have followed/marvelled at for a while- New Life Timber. Hand-made furniture comes at a price, which will make it pretty difficult to spend initially however this will be a 'goal piece' for a few years time. Spending a bit extra for the quality and to support a local business will be worth every penny.

 New Life Timber- Victorian Ash (price unknown)


Coffee Table

This coffee table is absolutely incredible!! About 140cm in diameter, it sits relatively low to the ground which means that the table does not dominate the space it sits in. As the coffee table doesn't feature on the United Interiors website, I went to their showroom which is conveniently now only 10 minutes drive from my mums house. All I can say is this photo does not do it justice. The feel of the table does justice to it's hand-crafted nature. Love love love!! Once again, the price is going to stop me in my tracks however my fingers and toes are crossed for a sale soon. It definitely helps that Steve loves it just as much (okay, almost as much) as I do.


United Interiors- Coffee table $1999



I have purposely left the best for last- because I actually already own it! This artwork is an original which I bought from artist extraordinaire Susie Monte 5 months ago. I was walking along with my sisters, minding my own business and blissfully unaware that such a piece of artwork even existed when we came across The Block Shop in St Kilda. Offfcourrsseee we just HAD to go in, mostly because we wanted to see just how over-priced some of the pieces were going to be (lol). To our surprise, the store was actually incredible and so so reasonably priced. I spotted this piece of work at the back of the store and I'm pretty sure my first words upon seeing it were "Oh my goddd". My sister Michelle, quickly followed with "Oh wowwwww". 


Well, when I went on to Susie's instagram page and saw that she could do instalment plans, I was sold. I have been slowly paying off this beauty over the past 5 months and this beauty is in storage before it makes its debut as pride-of-place in the main living area.


I love the colour and vibrancy which comes from this painting. Standing at 155cm x 122cm, it will make an impact on the room and I simply cannot wait to have it in our house.

 Susie Monte- Daphne original artwork $1490


Ahhh one can dream :)



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