Week 8 & 9: Almost all locked up.

October 1, 2018

Who knew a locked front door could be so exciting. Who knew a locked front door could be so exciting even when there is a wide open garage and not a single door to be seen elsewhere? 


The answer is VERY. 




So Christmas-like-feelings continued this week when I saw the house for the first time in 2 weeks (hence no blog post for that time). Might I just say, it hurt my soul not to visit in 2 weeks but thankfully I survived...just. 


In the last two weeks, we have said goodbye to our (second) building coordinator- let’s hope the third time is a charm.


Our brickwork looks just about complete and mightily fine. The amount of experience I have with brick laying, you could write on a cricket ball but to my untrained eye it looks like high quality to me. 



We also have a front door which is currently bright green and oh so ugly (the colour that is, not the design). I’m actually very happy with the door- the scale of the larger door makes for a great entry.




What I love

The photos do absolutely no justice to the scale of the higher ceilings and doors but this is easily the top of the list of my favourite qualities of the build so far.

The brick colour turned out very well and I'm very glad we didn't end up spending $1100 on an upgrade from 'natural' ie concrete colour mortar to 'off white'.


What I'm questioning

The front of the house where the render will be going- I'm not sure how they will be applying render when there are no bricks there. I'm assuming that I'm completely naive about this (and they may be doing those bricks last) but I'm slightly intrigued about how this render goes on to what is currently plastic.


On the agenda for this week- our independent inspector will go through the house on Wednesday. We then have a site visit to meet our site supervisor this Friday (stay tuned for internal photos!!).


On another note, this weather was remarkable- bring on many more days like this when we move in.






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