Week 10: Our house is fluffy?

October 5, 2018

We’re in our tenth week of the build and things are getting a tad warmer. It may be the possibility that we could be in by Christmas, or it could be the fact that insulation has been installed- who knows?


This morning, we met our Site Supervisor (SS) at our house for a walk through. Despite the 7am meeting time (and a verrrry early wake-up), we were both very excited to meet the man who was running our build. We were not left disappointed. So far, the communication from Granvue has been brilliant and we can absolutely see why- our SS was great at answering our questions (including that question- Will we be in by Christmas?…ughhh we’re those people!).



This week has seen the electrical fit out completed and insulation go in to all external walls and started in the roof.


We have had the ‘lock-up stage’ independent inspection on Wednesday, which brought up a few small issues- apparently parts of our walls didn’t have enough noggins. Noggins you ask? Yeah, I have absolutely no idea about what that is but alas, we need more noggins damnit! When we met with our SS this morning, he was already on to it and is sending us photos when our house has been over-noggined. 


What I’m loving:

  • There are no walls yet however with the loose insulation in the walls, the house already feels so warm. 

  • Our Site Supervisor. Okay so I know I keep going on about this but it’s so important to have full confidence in the people working on the house- and that’s exactly what we have. The communication, the willingness to arrange phone calls if we need any clarification for any aspect of the build- love it all.


What I’m not sure about:

  • Nothing came up from this visit which was great. Keep the good times rolling.


What's up next?

  • Next week we have the plaster boards going up (slightly earlier than expected so our SS is bringing the plasterer booking forward)

  • Internal lock-up which I’m assuming is the internal doors (hopefully garage door as well) then we will be officially locked out of the house.

  • We also need to get into contact with a landscaper. Our estate had a promotion when we bought our land- $5k towards front landscaping so given we might be 3 months out (eek) from finishing the build, we need to book a consult with them! 


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