Week 11: We got plastered.

October 13, 2018

As the title suggests, this week was a big one.


So big in fact, we clearly spent the week getting plastered, didn't end up with a hangover (Hahaha I know, I'm hilarious) and have been blissfully re-living the experience through the countless photo's/videos I have taken ever since. 


Another week, another visit where the amount of progress has staggered me. I'm going to keep it short and sweet so the photos below can do the talking.


What I love:

  • The height of the ceiling really declares itself when there is an actual ceiling to look at. Loving the scale of the rooms with the doorways and ceiling. Having 2.7m ceilings throughout is looking like the best decision of the entire build so far.

  • The light throughout the house, even with mid-grey plasterboard everywhere is fantastic. When I visited, it was 5pm so the sun was no where nears its highest point for the day. Despite this, the main living and dining area was very well lit and the rumpus room light was squeal-worthy.

  • The brickwork has been completed to a really high standard.



What I'm questioning:

This actually took me by surprise- although we have 2.7m ceilings internally, the ceiling height on the front porch is lower! As a result, we have a high front door which practically reaches the roof-line but internally, because the ceiling is higher, there is plasterboard above the door. Basically, I think this will create a really nice reveal when the door is opened and given the width of the hallway will most likely have a great affect but still...the front door appears slightly out of proportion with the rest of the house.



Plan for this week:

I'm assuming the architraves and skirting boards will be installed then either the kitchen/bathroom vanity fit-out will begin or the painting will- who ever can be booked in and are available first.


Until next time, happy building!

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