Review of our builder- Granvue Homes

October 22, 2018

When I have spoken to anyone about Steve and I building a house, the first question that is guaranteed to follow is "who with?". So as we are now officially locked out and at the half-way point- here is a review of our experience with them so far.


Why Granvue?

Granvue Homes is a builder who not many of my friends or family had heard of- and that was a HUGE bonus for us. You see, I was never really interested in even stepping foot in to a display home from Metricon or Symonds Homes, even though they would arguably be the biggest fish in what is an ever-growing pond.


Just like I wasn't that interested in going to a university where you were nothing but a number to tutors and lecturers, I wasn't keen on our house being just a job number to a big conglomerate builder.



To me, Granvue is a small to medium-sized builder who sticks to a smallish area of Melbourne (northern and western suburbs). There were three main elements which drew us in to working with Granvue to build our house. 

  1. The floorplan we simply fell in love with when we walked through the display home.

  2. The base price of the house was $15-20k cheaper than the same sized houses from competitors (and also included flooring AND a dishwasher - win). 

  3. We felt we were listened to the entire way through the process.

The Sales Consultant

Was our sales consultant slightly pushy? Yes, but he was probably just doing his job. Lets put it this way, he was never pushy enough to make us run in a different direction which is really saying something because we both hate being pushed in to anything. To see my post on how to make your sales consultant your new best friend, click here.


The Appointments

Throughout the tender, colours and contract appointment, it was a smooth running and transparent process. The only issue we had is that we had specifically asked our sales consultant to tell us all of the upgrades which were in the display but not included in the base price of the house. We were not told that the rumpus room window would be smaller (read about that here) so had to foot the bill to increase the window size. Not a major incident, but annoying nonetheless.


Read about our Tender Appointment here

Read about our Colours Appointment here

Read about our Contract Appointment here


The Communication

Ever since the appointments for contract signing were done, Granvue's communication regarding paperwork, progress and plans have been exactly what I would expect from a custom builder let alone a volume build company. We have never felt like just a number and whenever we have raised a question or query about anything to do with the build, we are met with a response on the same day or maximum one business day later.




The frustrating part...

One frustrating aspect of our build is that we are now up to our third building coordinator overseeing the build (this is a different person to our site supervisor). It is a little bit difficult establishing a working relationship with one person only for them to leave and you have to start with someone new. This is not to say each building coordinator has been difficult in any way, it's just that consistency always helps these things move smoothly.




The great part...

Speaking of our site supervisor, we are thrilled to have him working on our house! He seems so level-headed, considered, and has told us we can arrange a phone meeting or face-to-face any time we need to so that we can run any questions past him (my idea of the perfect site supervisor - tick!). The thing is, we have been kept so up to date by the company that when we met him last week, we barely had any questions for him at all.


In terms of quality of build, our independent inspector has seemed to be pretty happy with the overall quality of the work. There have been minor things on each inspection which needed to be rectified however every item has been fixed within 2-3 days of notifying our site supervisor (again, legend...) and photos of completed work have been sent straight to us. To two complete construction novices, it looks like great quality to us.




I know this is an overwhelmingly positive review but seriously, I'm a pretty tough marker (Steve's a bit of a softie) and I have been very happily surprised with how smooth the whole process with them has been. I am very aware that the devil is in the detail so hopefully the high quality continues in the interior fit-out. I'll write another review at the end of the entire process so stay tuned :)


Please add any questions below if you have anything further you would like to know about our experience.



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