Week 14: No progress, not happy.

November 7, 2018

In the last week, we have heard "oh this was bound to happen at some stage of the build" so many times I now want to scream.


About two weeks ago, we were out at the block, scratching our heads wondering what had actually happened since we had visited the week prior. Sure the doors were delivered (yay!) but...that was it. Steve and I decided to wait for our weekly Thursday update to see if we were told of any delays and that we would go from there.




Well Thursday came and with it, an update which was no more enlightening than an email filled with wingdings as it's text. Basically it said that the "fix" stage would continue. That's it. 


In light of the completely useless email, we asked if there had been any delays to which we were told no and that everything was on track to be finished by February "if not earlier!".

Fast forward another week and we receive a call from our site supervisor to notify us that in fact, our kitchen had already been delayed by 2 weeks and would be another 2 weeks away before it would be delivered. Are you thinking yet that this doesn't make much sense? Yeah...so are we.


Anyway, at the end of the day, our kitchen (for whatever reason) has been delayed by a month and will now mean that move-in date will be far more likely than February or earlier.


From the start, I have held communication as the most important aspect of this build- and something which I have been so impressed with. Suffice to say, these last two weeks have been at best, frustrating and at worst, very disappointing.


I have absolutely no idea what is going on at the house in the last week- I am wondering if much has been done at all. All I know, is this kitchen better be damn perfect when it eventually arrives.


To boost our spirits, we have started to buy furniture! Retail therapy truely makes everything better- even Steve would agree.

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February 20, 2019

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