Week 16: We have a kitchen!

November 19, 2018

Well it may be a month late but it's bloody beautiful.


Today we went to have a site visit with our build supervisor. We were both absolutely thrilled to see the kitchen cabinetry in along with the vanities in the ensuite and main bathroom as well as the laundry through/cupboard.



It was so nice to walk in to the main living space with the cabinetry in- and looking exactly like I had envisioned it 14 months ago when we made all of our selections. 


Along with the cabinetry, all the internal doors are now hung, architraves installed and may I say, looking mighty fine. Even our site supervisor (who is definitely not contractually obliged to provide compliments) said how much he liked our selection of doors. I'm officially wearing that as a badge of honour for the foreseeable future).




Our doors have been one of the most exciting aspects of our build (yes, I get excited about the realllyyy small stuff) because we paid a fair amount to upgrade them. Why upgrade doors? Well the standard doors provided are hollow-core which makes them very light weight and a decent amount of sound can travel through them. By upgrading to solid doors, it will improve our re-sale value (wayyy down the track) while feeling more substantial and blocking out more sound- an important factor since we have VERY loud families.



What we love

  • The colour of the cabinetry. On the over head cabinets, we have chosen doors which are Laminex Charcoal Natural Finish while on the lower drawers/island bench we went for Laminex White Natural Finish for contrast. This monochrome base will give me the opportunity to incorporate coloured accents throughout the kitchen through accessories and homewares.

  • All those drawers. I absolutely refuse to be shoulders deep in a cupboard looking for a muffin tin. There are simply too many episodes of Selling Houses Australia to waste my time with that business. Therefore: we have added drawers everywhere in that kitchen. The entire row of cabinetry under the splash-back are deep drawers. In our island, we have shallower drawers which will house our plates and mugs. So much storage, so much love.

  • Our handles. The handles we have selected feel great and the brushed chrome looks really classy. One of my hates are cheap handles which have that super shiny silver look- I'm thrilled ours look great and feel even better to use.

  • No handles. As much as I love the handles, I'm also very glad we decided to go with no handles on the overhead cabinetry. This provides a very sleek look which I just absolutely love.




What we're not so sure about

Nothing has come up this visit at all! At first I wasn't so sure about the position of the drawer handles in the kitchen (I thought they should be at the top of the drawer rather than in the middle) however have changed my mind on that- I love them as they are.


What's next

The plan from here is for waterproofing to be completed this week, painting to start from the middle of next week then electrical fit-off and tiling to be completed following that.


Our next meeting with our build supervisor will be in mid-December (hopefully) when this has all been completed.


Fingers crossed things start ramping up again from here!


Until next time, happy building!

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