5 ways to survive moving in.

April 22, 2019


The time has come and very happily, gone! The big move was huge, tiring but not traumatic- so pretty much went as well as what could be expected.


It has now been 5 weeks since we moved in. I know everyone would say this but wow...the time has flown.


Here are the biggest lessons we learnt from the big move in:


1. Preparedness is key. My type-a personality really shone through with this one. As we had 99% of our possessions in storage across 3 family members houses (from Ballarat to Safety Beach) the system for knowing what was where, was imperative. We labelled all boxes with a number, then had a list of what room that box would be put in our new house. This saved so much time and confusion on the day of the move (and the weeks after).


2. Organises fences to be built- early. If you're like us, and need to organise fences to be built around your property then get on to it asap. Organising fencing does absolutely NOTHING for good neighbourly relations. We were slightly lucky with ours as one fence was built by the developer (as it is deemed a "corner block". We were also very fortunate that we have already met our neighbour on the our other side, who was waiting for our call and was happy to pay half of the quote we obtained. Our neighbour at the back was a completely different story. Although they did eventually come to the 'lets build a fence' party, it was a battle. From organising a quote, to having a fence up, it took close to 6 weeks. That's a long time if you don't organise fences until you move in.


3. Electricity and Gas- know your options. When we received our keys, we opted to keep our electricity and gas with the same supplier as our builder used. This was basically so we didn't have to deal with a cut off of supply while we were moving in. Annoyingly, we still had our electricity cut off which was put down to a communication issue which ordinarily wouldn't have happened. Keeping the connection the same, means that we have time to properly research for the best price and will switch if our first bill is higher than it should be.


4. Assign one room in your house to be the 'box room', then when you have packed it with all the random, why-did-we-even-pack-this stuff, close the door and show it off to people who come and visit to show how you don't really have your shit together with this moving business.


5. Helpers are worth their weight in gold. If someone offers to help you with the moving process, then scream YES, praise their god-like martyrdom and then run away from the conversation so they don't have the ability to come to their senses and retract the offer. We are so so grateful for the help given to us on the days we moved in and the weeks after. We truely have god-like amazing (yet slightly insane) people in our lives.


Good luck with your move! If your move is like ours, you'll never be more tired and yet the most excited at the same time.




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