Splurge or Save? The good buys and the rip offs.

February 8, 2019

There comes a time in every build, where you contemplate exactly what you will put in to this new, shiny space you’re building.


I have legitimately developed a new hobby over the past 12 months- online furniture window shopping. Now this hobby happens to be more of a passion because there is little more in this world that gets me more excited than the opportunity to create a beautiful space AND find a bargain while I’m at it. 


Having become a self-appointed expert in researching homewares and furniture, it has become blatantly obvious that there are some items totally worth the $$ and others that, well, are not.


Where to spend the money:

  • Couches. Yes, I almost choked on my tongue when I realised that a single couch purchase would set us back anywhere from $1500 to a bazillion dollars. Thinking about how often I love a Netflix (or Stan...or Kayo) sesh, the cost per use over 10 years will be totally worth it. Side note: I refuse to spend my time sitting on a couch that looks like heaven but feels like a milk crate so I would strongly suggest trying before buying.

  • A decent TV. Refer to above. Enough said.

  • Artwork. Stay with me here. I’m not saying it’s a good idea to fill a house with only expensive artwork but one of my favourite purchases was a large piece of art from a local Melbourne artist. I will get to enjoy it every day for many years and good art shouldn’t depreciate. 

  • A fridge. Now I really wish I could go back to 2016 Claire, tap her on the shoulder and scream DONT DO IT when Steve and I bought a cheap fridge. We’re now having to prepare ourselves to put up with a shitty fridge for another couple of years before buying a better one. Bite the bullet, avoid a fridge that incessantly ticks (ugh) and spend the money.


Where to save money:

  • Bedside and Side tables. It is day-light robbery if a furniture store charges over $200 for a basic black or white side table. Believe it or not, it is very easy to find bedside tables for $400. Each. With gems like Kmart and Johnnys Furniture (across different suburbs in Melbourne), you can easily get either bedside or side tables for much cheaper. On the left is a table from Temple and Webster for $229, on the right is a table from Kmart for $29.

  • Vases. Go to Kmart. I have never walked in to a house, seen a vase and thought to myself- yeah I’d totally pay more than $30 for that. Go to Kmart.

  • Bedding linen. Hands down, I will never ever ever pay full price for sheets, quilt covers etc. I have discovered that DFO (or any equivalent factory outlet) will offer approx 70% off retail price. 

  • Rugs. Unless I win the lottery, I will never be able to justify spending $900 (or more...you could spend thousands...) on a rug. There are good online stores which offer rugs for half the price- and it will only hurt half as much when red wine spills on it.





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February 20, 2019

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