Week 25 + 26: PCI is booked in.

February 13, 2019

Patience is a virtue. Watching paint dry is just plain boring.


We have practically spent the entire week watching paint dry- literally. When Steve went to the house on Monday, our house had been infested by a vicious case of the blue painters tape. There was more though- not only were there blue dots everywhere, the carpet was in and there was also a fabulous driveway waiting to greet him.




In other news, we have booked in our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) appointment for the 20th fo February which is so bloody exciting because for a few hours, I can channel my inner Keith/Dan from The Block while I walk around my house with the unbridled yet vigorous critique only usually reserved for broken (yet soon to be rich) contestants. Our poor, brilliant Site Supervisor won't know what hit him.


What we're loving:

  • The finishing touches to the paint-work are now finished, showing the alfresco paintwork. Although I haven't seen it in person yet, our amazing soon-to-be neighbour sent me photos- and I'm so glad we went for Monument as opposed to a boring white colour for the overhead beam.

  • The driveway. I also haven't seen this in person but Steve has and he is in love. Typical guy took two photos in total but they show how light the driveway looks (even though the sample we chose in the colours appointment seemed so so much darker).

  • We are also loving that the aggregate stone extends to the front porch. It means that we don't have to really do anything other than add greenery to the entrance to make it welcoming (and not like a building site) when we move in. I cannot wait to see the garbage cage removed so we can have a good idea of how much space we have to landscape at the front. As part of the sale of the land, we are entitled to $5k towards front landscaping so we (Steve) will get planning asap when we move in.


What's next:

Our fences should be going up around the same time as our inspection. We have had two of three neighbours agree with the quote (with the other neighbour overseas and uncontactable) so will be going ahead so that we have them up by the time we move in.


Our PCI appointment will be completed with our independent building inspector, along with our Site Supervisor. The appointment will apparently take 2 or so hours, as we go through the house with a fine-tooth comb, checking that all the i's and t's have been dotted and crossed.


From there, it is completely unknown how much longer after that point it will take to get the keys. As soon as I know, I'll be writing a post about the process and how to prepare.


Until next time, happy building!


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February 20, 2019

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